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Hello .. this is Febby, I’m certified from the Bali International Academy for Traditional Balinese Head Spa, Ian’s I’ve been in the Beauty Industry for 7 years, primarily in my original home of Bali, Indonesia. I believe that every person deserves the confidence that comes from beautiful and healthy hair.

Balinese head spa treatment is part a hair care regime that hydrates and nourishes your hair, that begins with a rejuvenating scalp and head massage to prepare your hair for natural pampering treatment.

This traditional hair care method uses the finest natural organic ingredients to help repair scalp issues, stimulate hair growth, and release stress to provide a healthy and relaxing experience.

I absolutely love help people to achieve their personal best, beginning with healthy hair. Hair begins with the health of the scalp and hair itself. So, I’m here to answer any questions and help you to achieve your best for health and beauty. This natural treatment is your first step to looking and feeling your very best… and it’s an experience you’re sure to love!

To learn more, I can be contacted on Instagram at:  @nayanika_headspa

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